Cactus With Cactus Cactus Shoes Shoes Sneakers Cactus Cactus Women Converse Women Cactus Style Shoes Sneakers Cactus Gift q1Bw0g08 Cactus With Cactus Cactus Shoes Shoes Sneakers Cactus Cactus Women Converse Women Cactus Style Shoes Sneakers Cactus Gift q1Bw0g08 Cactus With Cactus Cactus Shoes Shoes Sneakers Cactus Cactus Women Converse Women Cactus Style Shoes Sneakers Cactus Gift q1Bw0g08
Are you a Cactus Lover? These comfy Low Top Canvas shoes are perfect for you. Looking for a unique and special gift for a Cactus Lover. These shoes are exactly what you are looking for.

Product Features:

- Full canvas double sided print with rounded toe construction.

- Lace-up closure for a snug fit.

- Metal eyelets for a classic look.

- Soft textile lining with lightweight construction for maximum comfort.

- High-quality outsole for traction and exceptional durability.

Please measure your foot before choosing a size. Our sizes may not match exactly with other popular shoe brands. Checkout our Sizing Chart in photos to choose the correct size.

All of our Low Top Canvas Shoes are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to the highest quality standards. Please allow 4-7 days for your order to be handmade and shipped out.

Estimated Shipping Time:

- Standard Shipping: 10-15 business days.

- Express Shipping (DHL): 4-7 business days.

***Customers must provide me with a valid telephone number if chooses Express Shipping option at the checkout to assist with delivery. Your order will be delivered via DHL courier and require a signature. We can't post items to P.O box number, a customer has to provide a full address with street included.

If a customer fails to provide a telephone number and DHL cannot deliver item due to unable to contact a customer, your order will be returned to us and extra fees apply or item will be destroyed if fees are not paid.

We will not be responsible for extra fees that apply if the item gets returned due to failure provide information requested.

StumbleUpon is a free content-discovery engine designed to help you find cool new webpages and sites online. Along with finding content, StumbleUpon also lets you submit or “discover” Web pages. When you discover a page and submit it to StumbleUpon, it has the potential to get views from other users. If you find that your discovered pages aren’t getting any views, the cause could be several different factors.

You Don’t Have Many Favorites

Shoes Women Cactus Shoes Gift Cactus With Shoes Cactus Sneakers Cactus Style Converse Cactus Cactus Cactus Women Sneakers One thing you may not know is that StumbleUpon grants users a certain amount of authority according to how much time they spend using the service. This means that someone with 50,000 favorites has more authority than someone with 500. When a user with high authority discovers a page, StumbleUpon sends it to more users through the toolbar than someone with a low authority. If you just began using StumbleUpon or do not have many favorites, that may be why your discoveries are not getting page views.

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You Discover Content From The Same Site

With Gift Cactus Cactus Cactus Converse Cactus Sneakers Shoes Women Women Shoes Cactus Cactus Shoes Sneakers Cactus Style

If you only discover pages from your own website, or one specific website even if it’s not yours, that could be contributing to your lack of views. In fact, StumbleUpon will eventually block you from submitting content from the same website and won’t unblock until you’ve added favorites from other places online. Keep your favorites and discoveries varied if you want to increase your chances of page views.

With Cactus Shoes Women Style Cactus Gift Cactus Sneakers Converse Cactus Women Cactus Shoes Shoes Cactus Sneakers Cactus You Don’t Send Your Stumbles to Friends

Sending your discovered pages to your friends on StumbleUpon is possibly one of the easiest ways to get more views. If you don’t have any friends on StumbleUpon, use the toolbar to Stumble specific user profiles and look for people who have a similar interests percentage of at least 60 percent. Follow users and send them a message explaining your similar interests and that you would like them to follow back. Once you make friends on StumbleUpon, be careful not too send shares too frequently or send only your own content.

You Don’t Tag or Review Your Discoveries

If you want your discovered pages on StumbleUpon to get more views, you need to make sure that users can find them. StumbleUpon provides the option to Stumble by keyword or topic through the toolbar and tagging your discovered pages with relevant topics increases their chances of appearing through the toolbar. On the same note, adding a review to your discovered page will inform other users what it is about.

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